A Fresh Start

The year was 2010.

I was in my second year of engineering. The classes were over for the day and instaed of going back to the hostel, I went to the computer lab. No, it was not for academics. It was for posting content to my blog.

I didn’t have a laptop at the time, that meant if I wanted to publish anything, I need to be at the computer lab.

It was about an year before I started that I started to show interest in internet mareketing and blogging. I was fascinated at the thought that you can make money from internet. I read all about it. I used to follow multiple blogs which used content marketing to create an audience and used to make money in multiple ways. I was facinated by all this.

I was in the computer lab for that, to grow my blog. My blog was about Samsung Bada, a Android like OS for mobiles. It had been released recently at that time and there were not many blogs focusing on it. I thought to capitalize on this, if Bada ever became big. I decided that this would be the topic for my blog.

I didn’t have any money at that time which meant I started the blog on the free blogspot platform. It was a success. It had decent traffic. I even got couple of Bada developers to pay for advertising on my site. I eventually sold the site later on.

The point I’m trying to make is not that I made money on internet. That was fun, but more importantly, I was disciplined. I went to the computer lab, wrote articles, researched and contacted others in the industry. Everyday. I was focused on the goal and was excited about it everyday.

Fast forward to today, I’m working as a front end developer, in a job I love in a startup. I get to do many awesome things here, but there’s one thing that I always wanted to get back into. Writing. I believe that it can help me become more disciplined and help me to organize my thoughts. And its for this reason that I’m starting this blog, again.

I had tried many times to start blogging again after I stopped it. But one thing or the other kept me from starting again. I had even bought domains and let it expire in many niches. Maybe it’s that I lacked the discipline to write consistently, and that I managed time poorly. I never kept specific time for it, when I should have.

Because of this, I’ve decided to start a blog yet again. And this time, I plan to stick to it, even if I might suck at this in the beginning. I’ll start with this personal blog where I’m planning to share what I learn in my life as I try to become a successful person. I don’t know what topic to label it in. But I hope it will help me and you to be better persons of this world.