This is a simple website where I want to share my thoughts and things that I find interesting.  

First, let's look at some history. I've started this site many times since 2011. Each time, I get busy with something else and I forget to update the blog. This time it's going to be different.

Who is Rison

I'm currently working as a Chief Innovation Officer and Front End Engineer at TeliportMe. We work on VR and 360 content.

I'm responsible for building RemixVR, TutorialsForVR, and TeliportMe website and many other smaller projects.

I've also been working on side projects to hopefully build a business out of it.

Why a blog

I've always wanted to document what I do and share it with others for 2 reasons.  

  1. I want to look back at my thoughts from a certain period.
  2. I want to inspire others to create.
    But truth be told, I've been lazy about it. Staring at a blank page is such a daunting task. I want to get over that fear.